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ModelToyota Prius T3 VVT-I CVT
Fuel TypeElectric
Registered11 Oct 2010
Vehicle Age11 Years
Before You Buy
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Road Tax
Tax StatusTaxed
Due Date01 Oct 2022
Expires10 Months
12 Months Tax £0

ULEZ CompliantCompliant
MOT History
Expiry Date30 Aug 2022
MOT Due9 Months
MOT Mileage AnomalyNot Detected
31 Aug 2021
Test ResultPASSED
Completed31 Aug 2021
Test Number5996 9416 4609
Expiry Date30 Aug 2022
Odometer Value183323 mi
Since Last Pass9030 mi
03 Mar 2021
Test ResultPASSED
Completed03 Mar 2021
Test Number7861 8218 1215
Expiry Date02 Mar 2022
Odometer Value174293 mi
Since Last Pass5760 mi
30 Sep 2020
Test ResultPASSED
Completed30 Sep 2020
Test Number6708 6150 8296
Expiry Date29 Sep 2021
Odometer Value168533 mi
Since Last Pass1327 mi
05 Sep 2020
Test ResultPASSED
Completed05 Sep 2020
Test Number8022 4429 3954
Expiry Date04 Sep 2021
Odometer Value167206 mi
Since Last Pass7110 mi
28 Oct 2019
Test ResultPASSED
Completed28 Oct 2019
Test Number3559 6436 7284
Expiry Date27 Oct 2020
Odometer Value160096 mi
Since Last Pass4772 mi
28 Sep 2019
Test ResultPASSED
Completed28 Sep 2019
Test Number7447 0892 1912
Expiry Date27 Sep 2020
Odometer Value155324 mi
Since Last Pass9769 mi
30 Mar 2019
Test ResultPASSED
Completed30 Mar 2019
Test Number7045 9604 9721
Expiry Date29 Mar 2020
Odometer Value145555 mi
Since Last Pass4421 mi

Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories)

  • Front Brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened (1.1.14 (a) (ii))
  • Rear Brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened very strong advisory**** (1.1.14 (a) (ii))
  • Nearside Rear Shock absorbers light misting of oil or has limited damping effect very strong advisory***** (5.3.2 (b))
15 Oct 2018
Test ResultPASSED
Completed15 Oct 2018
Test Number1537 5955 2745
Expiry Date14 Oct 2019
Odometer Value141134 mi
Since Last Pass13505 mi
16 Apr 2018
Test ResultPASSED
Completed16 Apr 2018
Test Number5740 4680 8789
Expiry Date15 Apr 2019
Odometer Value127629 mi
Since Last Pass7962 mi
18 Oct 2017
Test ResultPASSED
Completed18 Oct 2017
Test Number4623 7406 3685
Expiry Date17 Oct 2018
Odometer Value119667 mi
Since Last Pass13400 mi
18 Apr 2017
Test ResultPASSED
Completed18 Apr 2017
Test Number5984 3236 8275
Expiry Date17 Apr 2018
Odometer Value106267 mi
Since Last Pass8581 mi
21 Oct 2016
Test ResultPASSED
Completed21 Oct 2016
Test Number1054 9251 8782
Expiry Date20 Oct 2017
Odometer Value97686 mi
Since Last Pass10217 mi
23 Apr 2016
Test ResultPASSED
Completed23 Apr 2016
Test Number2332 8943 9728
Expiry Date22 Apr 2017
Odometer Value87469 mi
Since Last Pass7456 mi
26 Oct 2015
Test ResultPASSED
Completed26 Oct 2015
Test Number4238 7105 2103
Expiry Date25 Oct 2016
Odometer Value80013 mi
Since Last Pass12648 mi

Advisory notice item(s)

  • brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened Both front (3.5.1i)
24 Apr 2015
Test ResultPASSED
Completed24 Apr 2015
Test Number2658 5401 5453
Expiry Date30 Apr 2016
Odometer Value67365 mi
Since Last Pass8057 mi
28 Oct 2014
Test ResultPASSED
Completed28 Oct 2014
Test Number8293 3120 4369
Expiry Date05 Nov 2015
Odometer Value59308 mi
Since Last Pass16982 mi
01 May 2014
Test ResultPASSED
Completed01 May 2014
Test Number5294 9162 4147
Expiry Date30 Apr 2015
Odometer Value42326 mi
Since Last Pass11662 mi

Advisory notice item(s)

  • Under-trays fitted obscuring some underside components
  • rear shocks misting oil
06 Nov 2013
Test ResultPASSED
Completed06 Nov 2013
Test Number8694 8001 3399
Expiry Date05 Nov 2014
Odometer Value30664 mi
Since Last Pass9 mi
22 Oct 2013
Test ResultPASSED
Completed22 Oct 2013
Test Number6078 7549 3229
Expiry Date21 Oct 2014
Odometer Value30655 mi
AU60 XLL Questions

When does AU60XLL require an MOT?

The MOT expires 30th August 2022. You can present the vehicle for an MOT test from the 31st July onwards and still keep 30th August as the expiry date following year.

How much is the road tax for AU60XLL?

The road tax for this electric Toyota Prius T3 VVT-I CVT is £0 per year.

Is AU60XLL exempt from ULEZ charges?

From 25 October 2021 the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is expanding to create a zone bounded by the North Circular Road (A406) and South Circular Road (A205). AU60XLL is ULEZ compliant, meaning that it is exempt from the ULEZ charge.

How do I check if AU60XLL is stolen?

Before buying a used car you can run a fully comprehensive HPI vehicle check. This check will let you know if the vehicle has been recorded as being stolen, an insurance write off, or if it has outstanding finance.
Free Car Tax Check & MOT history for AU60 XLL