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ModelPeugeot Vivacity 50
Fuel TypePetrol
Engine Size49cc
Registered27 May 2003
Vehicle Age19 Years
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Road Tax
Tax StatusSORN
12 Months Tax £22

ULEZ CompliantNot Compliant
MOT History
MOT StatusMot Expired
Expiry Date27 May 2016
MOT Mileage AnomalyNegative Millage
26 May 2015
Test ResultPASSED
Completed26 May 2015
Test Number2981 5654 5122
Expiry Date27 May 2016
Odometer Value20538 km
Since Last Pass-7777 mi

Advisory notice item(s)

  • Fairings insecure but not likely to impede the steering (2.1.2e)
28 May 2014
Test ResultPASSED
Completed28 May 2014
Test Number6991 9874 4199
Expiry Date27 May 2015
Odometer Value20538 mi
Since Last Pass998 mi
18 May 2013
Test ResultPASSED
Completed18 May 2013
Test Number8695 8893 3131
Expiry Date27 May 2014
Odometer Value19540 mi
Since Last Pass2152 mi
11 May 2013
Completed11 May 2013
Test Number2665 2173 3483
Odometer Value19540 mi

Reason(s) for failure

  • Rear Rear shock absorber has inadequate damping effect. (2.4.A.3b)
  • Rear Rear shock absorber seal failed and leaking oil (2.4.A.1c)
18 May 2012
Test ResultPASSED
Completed18 May 2012
Test Number4169 5983 2137
Expiry Date27 May 2013
Odometer Value17388 mi
Since Last Pass1310 mi
16 May 2011
Test ResultPASSED
Completed16 May 2011
Test Number9794 3663 1118
Expiry Date27 May 2012
Odometer Value16078 mi
Since Last Pass1605 mi
16 May 2011
Completed16 May 2011
Test Number8792 8653 1128
Odometer Value16078 mi

Reason(s) for failure

  • Front Stop lamp does not illuminate immediately a brake applies (1.3.1a)
28 May 2010
Test ResultPASSED
Completed28 May 2010
Test Number2609 8834 0110
Expiry Date27 May 2011
Odometer Value14473 mi
Since Last Pass1420 mi

Advisory notice item(s)

  • Front Steering movement slightly stiff (2.2.1a)
28 May 2009
Test ResultPASSED
Completed28 May 2009
Test Number1510 4874 9171
Expiry Date27 May 2010
Odometer Value13053 mi
Since Last Pass1525 mi
12 May 2008
Test ResultPASSED
Completed12 May 2008
Test Number1920 5323 8128
Expiry Date27 May 2009
Odometer Value11528 mi
Since Last Pass1350 mi
19 May 2007
Test ResultPASSED
Completed19 May 2007
Test Number9328 0923 7177
Expiry Date27 May 2008
Odometer Value10178 mi
Since Last Pass5137 mi
05 May 2006
Test ResultPASSED
Completed05 May 2006
Test Number6429 2592 6128
Expiry Date27 May 2007
Odometer Value8114 km

Advisory notice item(s)

  • Rear Tyre worn close to the legal limit (4.1.3(i))
WX03 GEK Questions

When does WX03GEK require an MOT?

The MOT expires 27th May 2016. You can present the vehicle for an MOT test from the 28th April onwards and still keep 27th May as the expiry date following year.

How much is the road tax for WX03GEK?

The road tax for this petrol Peugeot Vivacity 50 is £22 per year.

Is WX03GEK exempt from ULEZ charges?

From 25 October 2021 the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is expanding to create a zone bounded by the North Circular Road (A406) and South Circular Road (A205). WX03GEK is not ULEZ compliant, meaning that there is a daily charge if you drive within the ULEZ.

How do I check if WX03GEK is stolen?

Before buying a used car you can run a fully comprehensive HPI vehicle check. This check will let you know if the vehicle has been recorded as being stolen, an insurance write off, or if it has outstanding finance.
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